Dog Walking Is Great Exercise For You And Your Dog

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What Are The Best Dog Walking Techniques?

Most people find that dog walking is somewhat difficult. Usually this is because either their dog doesn't have any kind of proper Dog Training, or they don't know the correct methods of dog walking. If the dog owner is constantly tugging on a leash when dog walking, they are doing something wrong. This will cause the owner to have a very tired arm and may even disrupt the relationship between the owner and the dog.

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The Best Method Of Walking A Dog

Begin by using a chain or nylon slip collar and a leash. Put the collar on your dog and attach the leash to the slip collar. Begin walking and your dog will lead a little bit ahead of you. Slow down your pace and see if the dog also slows down. If the dog does not slow down, the slip collar will automatically tighten down.

You should not say anything to the dog at this point, or pull hard on the leash. Instead, simply stop walking and let your dog turn around and come back to you. When the dog comes back to your legs, begin to walk forward again. If the dog walks ahead of you, slow down and repeat the process. When the dog comes back to your legs you can also turn around and start walking the other way to get their attention.


Different Dogs Walking Together
Dog Walking With Boy

If this process doesn't seem to be working after a few dog walking sessions, you have to be a little bit more stern with your dog. When your dog starts to walk ahead of you, tug a little bit on the leash. This will tighten the collar and get your dog's attention. You should tug very sharply on the leash, then release pressure immediately. This is called a 'correction' and does not hurt your dog. This is used to get their attention, not to harm your dog, so make sure you do not snap the leash too hard.

If your dog does not pay attention to two or three snaps on the leash, DO NOT increase the pressure of your tugs. This is extremely harmful to Dog Health and will damage your dog's trachea. Eventually they will begin to walk with you without tugging. Make sure you show your dog a lot of praise. For advanced dog walking techniques, check out the article how to Teach Your Dog To Heel on this site.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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