What Dog Food Is Best For Your Dog?

Golden Retriever Eating Dog Food

What Kind of Dog Food Should Your Dog Have?

Most new dog owners have a hard time figuring out what kind of dog food to buy. If you have a new puppy, you should make sure to get special puppy food. Getting the right kind of dog food for a new puppy will ensure proper Dog Health. If you have an adult dog, you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a type of food. Make sure you try out all different types of options with your dog to find out what kind of dog food they enjoy the most.

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Is There Any Difference Between Dog Food And Puppy Food?

Yes. Puppy food contains more fat and protein than regular dog food. Regular dog food does not contain the same kind of essential nutrients that are included for the growth and development of a puppy. It is important to feed a puppy this special kind of dog food until it matures to adulthood. This will ensure your dog has a happy, healthy life.


Is Diet Dog Food Better Than Regular Dog Food?

In certain cases, yes. Some scientists have concluded that a gluten-free diet is better for most dogs, however, it does not serve as a good source of protein. When selecting a Dog Diet conscious food, make sure you find a dog food that uses natural animal proteins. These proteins are absorbed much easier by dogs and easily digested.


Types Of Dog Food

Dry Dog Food
Dry food is the least expensive type of dog food on the market. You can find it at any pet store and at almost any grocery store. In comparison with other dog food types, it has significantly less moisture. There are many benefits to feeding your dog dry food. One of the best Dog Health benefits it can offer is great dental hygiene. Dry dog food prevents the buildup of tartar in your dog's teeth. Dry dog food also lasts significantly longer in the open than any other food type. To save money, you can buy in bulk without worrying about the food spoiling.

Golden Retriever Puppy Eating Food
Papillion Dog Eating Fresh Dog Food

Wet Dog Food
Wet food is canned and contains the most moisture, usually up to 78% moisture by volume. Wet dog food is almost always guaranteed to be fresh if the can is still sealed. Most wet dog food is cooked before it is canned, but some manufacturers will have their food cooked in the can. After the food is canned, there is a process of sterilization which is why wet dog food is so fresh.

Fresh Dog Food
Fresh food is a new category to come to the dog food world. About a decade ago in Australia, fresh dog food was founded using evolutionary principles. Instead of using traditional extrusion methods used to process regular dog food, fresh dog food uses the pasteurization method. This processing method has been met with some criticism because it makes the fresh food much more vulnerable to bacteria than wet or dry dog food. Fresh dog food is sold not on shelves, but within refrigerators to keep it from spoiling. Although it may seem fresh dog food is new and revolutionary, it has been a widely used process that was practiced before dry dog food was mass produced. Fresh dog food is made without preservatives and contains nutritious ingredients.

Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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