Dog Training And Tricks: Come

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Training Your Dog To Come

The "Come" command is the most important command that you can teach your dog during Dog Training. It is essential for keeping your dog out of serious trouble or danger if it ever comes about. Beyond the safety reasons, this will give your dog a lot more freedom if they master the command. If your dog understands the "Come" command, you can be relaxed knowing they will always be ready to follow this command.

Getting Started
This can be an extremely difficult command for your dog to learn. For some Dog Breeds, it goes against their natural genealogical behavior. With enough strict practice and follow through on your part, you can begin to trust your dog more and more as they master this command.

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It's good to remember that in any occasion that your dog does something correct, it should be met with praise. At the same time, if your dog does something incorrect, you should not reward it. It's good to remember this simple structure when teaching your dog the "Come" command. When using this command, make sure you don't use it before bathing your dog. They may then associate it with punishment if they don't like baths. Only use the "Come" command if you are able to reward your dog when they complete the command successfully.

The Basic Techniques
If you have a puppy, it is easy to teach them the "Come" command rather quickly. A puppy will usually follow you around the house and run up to you with a lot of excitement. Whenever the puppy comes to you, reward it with a lot of affection. This will make the puppy realize that coming to see you is a really good thing and should be repeated.


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Eventually you want to begin to use the verbal command. When using the "Come" command, you always want to preface it with your dog's name. So if your dog's name is Shane, instead of just saying "Come," you want to say "Shane, Come!" The best way to practice this is to sit down without any distractions in a quiet room with your dog. Let your dog wander around the room and wait for them to be a good distance from you. Then, look them in the eyes and say "Shane, Come!" When they come over to you, reward them with a treat.

If you cannot get their attention at first, do not repeat the command over and over. This will make the command seem unimportant to your dog and they will learn they do not have to be strict with it. Say the command only once, even if they do not comply with it. A great way to get your dog's attention is to wave a treat around. When they begin to come over and see it say "Shane, Come!" and reward them with a treat.

Advanced Techniques
A great exercise you can do to reinforce the "Come" command can involve your entire family. Have each member of the family stand far away from each other. Each member of the family should be at the opposite end of another and form a circle around the dog. If you only have 2 other family members, form a triangle around the dog. Make sure everyone has a supply of reward treats, and then you can begin the exercise.

Take turns using the "Come" command. Do not repeat the command more than once and always reward your dog for a job well done. Make sure you alternate who is saying the "Come" command. Do not have anyone say it at the same time as this might confuse your dog.

Your dog will have a ton of fun playing this "Come" game with your family and it makes for great exercise. It's best to play this game in an open area with plenty of running room for your dog.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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