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Two Different Styles Of Dog Leashes

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Dogs need a leash for so many different reason. It's great to have for Dog Walking, or even Dog Training. When picking out a leash for your dog, you have many options. You can find a leash made of usually one of two materials, either nylon or leather. Both leashes work great and are strong. It comes down to you, the dog owner, on which style you want. Some dog owners prefer a nylon leash because it is easy to hold. Other dog owners prefer a leather leash because it looks more stylish.

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When buying a leash, make sure it has a strong clasp that fits correctly on to your dog's Dog Collar. It should attach securely and should have no chance of slipping off. It is important that your dog leash remains securely attached to your dog in case of an emergency. Consult your local pet store about what dog leashes they recommend for your type of dog.


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Beyond regular leashes, companies also sell retractable leashes. These kinds of high-tech leashes allow you to choose how much slack you want to give to your dog. These leashes are good because you can retract the slack if another dog comes around. You can also lock the length of the leash in a certain position so they have a set amount of room to walk around.

Make sure that whatever dog leash you buy is comfortable. You should experiment with different kinds of materials and manufacturers to find out which leash fits you the best. Some dog leashes may feel better in your hand than others. Find something that matches your dog's personality and is comfortable for you to use. With proper care, your leash should last you throughout your dog's life.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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