Dog Boarding Information And Local Kennels

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Why Is Dog Boarding Helpful?

Dog boarding kennels are large facilities that take care of dogs when the owner can't be home to tend to the dog for a set amount of time. Kennels are filled with dog lovers that will pamper your pet and give them plenty of attention, affection, and exercise. Kennels are useful for any kind of dog owner.

If you are going to be traveling or will be away from your dog for a set period of time, you are usually presented with two options. You can either find a trustworthy Dog Sitter, or you can board your dog. Dog boarding gives you the freedom and peace of mind to be away from your dog and know that they will be safely taken care of.

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Find A Local Kennel For Dog Boarding

The first step when you are going to board your dog is to find a good kennel. You can start by looking through the Yellow Pages to find a local dog boarding kennel. If you have any friends who have boarded their dogs, you can find out which facility they recommend. Some kennels are favored over others because of their treatment options. Some kennels will offer standard treatment while other facilities may offer above and beyond luxury features for your dog.


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If you cannot get a recommendation from a friend, don't worry. You can always schedule an appointment with any dog boarding kennel to visit and inspect their facilities. They will usually explain their program and how they will handle your dog each day.

What To Look For
The ideal dog boarding kennel should be extremely clean. It should look and smell pleasant. Most good dog boarding kennels will allow you to tour their facilities. If they decline a tour, it may be because of liability reasons. If you are going around other dogs that are being boarded, they can become excited or may be fearful of strangers. If a dog kennel has a no visitors policy, they should at least have a window to see where they will be keeping your dog. If they don't let you see any part of the kennel, it's probably not a very good place to be boarding your dog.

You should also look for any Dog Training areas that are on site. Most kennels offer a training program at an additional price. It's a nice perk to leave your dog at a kennel for a week and then come back to a trained dog. A great indicator of a nice dog boarding kennel is if your pet is excited to go for repeat visits. If they don't seem excited about going, it is best to look for a new kennel.


Last Updated: January 16th, 2008

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