Dog Training And Tricks: Lay Down

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Training Your Dog To Lay Down

Teaching your dog the "Down" command is really effective for calming down your dog. Lots of dogs can have a lot of energy at the wrong time. If you have your dog go into the "Down" position, they will quickly cool off and calm down. It's good for your dog to learn this trick after they have learned How To Sit.

Getting Started
The "Down" command is essential to teach your dog because it puts them in a submissive position. This will open doors for more advanced training techniques in the future. It's good to get your dog familiar with this position as soon as possible. They will be more receptive to other commands in the future.

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You should practice the "Down" command at any chance you can. You should make sure, however, that you are never too rigorous with your Dog Training routine. Training your dog to learn new commands can be hard for them to learn. Make sure you are extremely patient with them.

The Basic Techniques
To begin, start your dog off in the sitting position by using the sit command. While they are sitting down, grab a treat and hold it a few inches from their nose. Slowly move your hand lower and lower until it is touching the ground. Your dog should naturally collapse into the down position. If they don't at first, simply move your hand further from your dog's nose while your hand is touching the ground. Repeat this exercise a few times.


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When you see that your dog is starting to understand how to lie down, you can start adding in the verbal command of "Down." You should be saying this very clearly to your dog in a firm tone. You want to say "Down" right before you begin moving your hand towards the ground. This will increase your dog's association with the verbal command and the action of actually laying down.

Advanced Techniques
Eventually you want to stop using your hand motion towards the ground. After repeating the basic exercises 30 or so times, your dog should have a good understanding of the verbal command "Down." Say the command without moving your hand, and reward your dog with a treat when they comply. Once your dog is able to lay down without the hand motion, you should attempt to try the command in your daily routine. Be ready to reward them with "Good Down!" when they do a great job with their training.

During these exercises, while your dog is laying down, you can say the "Up" command when you want them to come up. You do not have to reward the dog for this command as it can become a bit confusing for your dog to learn. After your dog successfully goes into the down position, grab another treat and motion your hand back up to the starting position of the exercise. While you do this, say the "Up" command. Eventually your dog will understand this command without being rewarded. Try using this command without a treat or hand gesture during the day after your dog is lying down.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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