Bathing Your Dog Step By Step

Brown Dog After Dog Bathing Is Shaking Off

Giving Your Dog A Bath Is Easy

You can give your dog a bath in a few different ways. The most popular ways of bathing your dog are either outside in your yard using a hose or indoors using a tub. Both are easy to do and can be a fun routine for your dog to practice. As a dog owner, it is responsible to understand the importance of Dog Grooming and the benefits it can offer your dog.

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Step 1
Put a leash on your dog. Dog Leashes are used so that your dog is safely restrained and cannot hurt themselves while you are bathing them.

Step 2
Move your dog to the designated washing location. This can be their favorite area in the outside yard, or the tub in your bathroom.

Step 3
Tie or tether your dog's leash to something so they cannot run away or fall out of the tub. This will ensure their safety throughout the entire bathing process.


Small Dog Bathing In Spa
Dog Being Washed In Tub

Step 4
Use a hose if you are washing your dog outside or a shower head if you are washing your dog inside. Start at the top of the head and slowly move down their back. Spray each leg on the outside and then on the inside. Get the chest, belly and undercarriage wet. Next, carefully get your dog's muzzle and beard wet. Take care and get the outside of the ears wet. Make sure you do not get any water in your dog's eyes or the inside of their ears. Finally, get the tail and rear end wet.

Step 5
Using a special formulated dog shampoo, lather your dog. Use the same order to lather your dog that you did when you were wetting down your dog. Make sure that you do not get any shampoo in their eyes or their ears as it can easily damage them. Give constant praise to your dog while you lather them. Massage their legs, paws, and back as you lather to make the experience more enjoyable.

Step 6
After massaging in the lather, rinse them off carefully. Again, make sure that no shampoo gets in their ears or their eyes.

Step 7
Allow your dog to shake off any excess water after you have completed rinsing them off. Take a nice clean towel and dry off your dog. This may take more than one towel, but make sure any additional towels are fresh and clean.

Step 8
This is optional, but if you have a leaf blower or a reverse vacuum, you can blow dry your dog. You must not blow air in their ears, eyes, or their mouth. It can be damaging to their health and it won't feel good. Once your dog is all dried off, you can reward them with a treat for a job well done.

Remember to make the experience as positive as possible. Keep talking to your dog throughout the bathing process and reward them with affection if they are cooperating. Your dog will learn to enjoy the bathing process if you keep them happy.


Last Updated: January 16th, 2008

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