Dog Training And Tricks: Sit

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Training Your Dog To Sit

This is the easiest dog trick to teach to your dog. They can usually learn this trick quickly and will be happy to please you when they do it. Most puppies and dogs will be able to master sitting quickly and this will greatly improve their confidence. However, if your dog doesn't learn quickly, do not scold them or become frustrated. A dog will learn no faster from an angry owner.

Getting Started
Remember to keep your training sessions short, especially with a puppy. A dog will have a hard time with longer training sessions and may become frustrated. Try to keep your Dog Training time around 10 minutes. This will keep your dog or puppy fresh and eager to learn.

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You can practice any time with your dog. It's great to incorporate it into the daily routine. For instance, try to get your dog to sit before you feed them. This is great habit forming behavior. You will begin to see your dog sitting before their meal without you having to command them to sit.

The Basic Techniques
When you start to see your dog or puppy begin to sit down, firmly state in a clear voice "Sit." When their bottom touches the ground, immediately reward them and firmly say "Good Sit." You can reward them with a treat or a simple scratch behind the ear and a pet on the head. Repeat this process throughout the day even when you aren't doing a formal training session. If you ever see your dog or puppy's behind about to touch the ground, say the command. In about a couple of days, your dog will realize that all they need to do is sit down to receive praise. It's easy for them to do and they love to do it.


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Advanced Techniques
If your dog seems to be having trouble sitting on his own, do not become upset. Remember, it is important that you never get angry with your dog. They do not understand why you are yelling at them most of the time if you get angry. The easiest way to get any dog or puppy to sit is using a treat. A treat can be a piece of their food, or a piece of a store bought treat. You may be rewarding your dog more than 10 times, so keep the portions very small.

Take the treat in your hand and hold it in front of their nose. Let them smell the aroma of the treat, but don't tease them with it. Slowly move your hand above their nose to the top of their head. Your dog's natural reaction will be to look up and follow the treat. Keep moving your hand further down their neck and back. The dog will try and follow the treat and may even jump up. Eventually, the dog will sit down. As soon as you see their bottom touch the ground, say the "Sit" command firmly and reward them with the treat.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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