Dog Brushing Makes Your Dog's Coat Shine

Dog Brushing Requires A Metal Comb And A Grooming Brush

How To Brush Your Dog Properly

The benefits of brushing your dog are really great. It will make your dog happy because it feels nice, makes them itch less, and rids them of most Fleas and Ticks. It will make you a happier dog owner because they will be much cleaner, smell better, and shed a lot less hair around the house. Dog brushing and Dog Grooming makes your dog happier, cleaner and healthier.

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Begin by using a grooming brush and brushing their legs and their paws. To get in between their toes, use a metal comb and go after any knots in their fur. Be gentle when you are untangling their knots. You want to make the brushing routine a lot of fun for your dog, so make sure to praise them for being a good dog.

Work your way with a grooming brush gently down their back. Do not rip the brush through their fur as this will cause your dog to feel pain and discomfort. Work the brush slowly as you untangle any knots. If you come across a rough knot, hold the base of their fur in your hand and work the knot. Work the knot out slowly and do not tug too hard on the fur.


Small Long Haired Dog Being Brushed
Retriever Being Brushed By Two Kids

Brushing Long Haired Dogs
If you have a long haired Dog Breed like an Australian Shepherd or a Border Collie, use a brushing technique called "Line Brushing." Line brushing is easy to do and makes your dog's coat extremely fluffy. At the dog's side, lift up all of their hair from the base of their belly. Begin brushing in a downward motion across their side. Let go of a little bit of hair that you are holding up and it will drop down. Now brush this hair downward. Continue until you have released all of the fur back down on the dog. The result should be an extremely fluffy coat that is soft to the touch.


Last Updated: January 25th, 2008

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