Dog Breeds: What Are The Differences?

Seven Puppies Of Different Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds Come In All Shapes And Sizes

When it comes to Choosing A Dog, there are a ton of choices. There is a certain type of dog breed for everyone. Each kind of breed has their own personality and it's usually best to look for a personality that is similar to yours. Some dog breeds are meant for working on a farm while other dog breeds simply want to be pampered. If you plan on getting a dog, it's important that you research all of the different types of dog breeds that would be a good fit for your lifestyle.

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What Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds?

Dog Breeders are mixing and matching different types of dogs to create new breeds. However, the most popular breeds are the classic dog breeds that have been around for quite some time.

Black Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

Labs are the most popular breed in the entire world. They are primarily a working-class breed and are very loyal dogs. They have a very friendly demeanor and a low temper. Labs are extremely gentle and great with kids. Because of their friendly attitudes, they make a great pet to have in the house if you are living with kids or seniors. While they are extremely friendly to family and friends, through a right amount of Dog Training, they can become an excellent watchdog.


Black Labrador Puppy Breed
Mixed Breed Puppy

Golden Retriever Dog Breed
Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an extremely intelligent breed. They are primarily used throughout the world as seeing-eye guide dogs for the blind. Golden Retrievers also make great hunters, showroom dogs, and family friends. They make a wonderful addition to the family as they are said to be the most friendly breed out of the entire canine family. Goldies are only recommended to those who have a yard to keep them in, as they are an extremely energetic dog. They also shed a lot of their coat in the summertime to keep cool. If you live in an apartment, this dog should be avoided.

German Shepherd Dog Breed
German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is primarily a working dog. They are used as police dogs, guide dogs, and sometimes as herding dogs. They make a great pet for any family who has enough open space for them. Much like the Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd is not recommended for anyone who lives in an apartment. German Shepherds require a lot of exercise every day in order to be a happy dog. They are an extremely intelligent breed and can do a host of tasks. If you need an effective guard dog, look no further than the German Shepherd.


The Beagle is a wonderful companion for anyone who loves the outdoors. Beagles were originally used for hunting and tracking, so they tend to have a nature similar to Foxhounds. They are usually a very vocal dog due to their hunting nature and will bark quite often when excited. It's rumored that Beagles have gained their popularity primarily due to The Peanuts comic strip and the character Snoopy. The Beagle will make an excellent family pet.

Poodle Dog Breed
The Poodle is one of the most popular toy breeds in the world. Originally from France, the Poodle is an intelligent and loving breed. Most owners of Poodles will meticulously style their coats and trim them in elegant, unique ways. Poodles make excellent family pets but don't seem to mesh well with other larger breeds. Some Poodles seem to forget their own size sometimes and try to intimidate larger dogs. They also tend to be a bit more barky than other breeds.


Last Updated: January 14th, 2008

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